Privacy Policy

PORVENTURA respects the privacy of individual holders of personal data and values the trust that they have placed in it. In this sense, while is dedicated to the design, production and marketing of furniture, it is responsible for the processing of personal data that it receives in the exercise of its business, since it is concerned with the protection of such data. 

This privacy and data treatment policy, aims to inform you about the new rules applicable to the processing of your personal data, as well as the rights that you assist in this matter, in accordance with national legislation and the general regulation of personal data protection (RGPD) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, currently in force. 

For further information on any question related to this privacy and data processing policy or to other business matters linked with RGPD, you can get in touch using the contact details published in the official PORVENTURA website or the following email address:  

Scope and Responsibility  

PORVENTURA through the contacts that the data subjects can perform with PORVENTURA, in particular, by spoken, written, or electronic, well as all personal data that is provided by its customers, partners and Official Entities in that it maintains, in fulfilment of its design, production and marketing activities, especially for the purpose of managing the access to its digital platforms. 

Treatment Purposes and deadlines for conservation  

The personal data is processed in the framework of the following purposes:  

·         Legal and regulation imperatives  

·         Reply to requests of information 

·         Communication relations and marketing  

·         Managing the access to digital platforms 

·         Contractual relations and commercial management.  

The personal data collected will be kept only for the strictly necessary period for the attainment of the purposes of treatment, being kept for length of time required for the implementation of the specific purposes for which it was collected.  

Communication of personal data 

In the exercise of its duties, PORVENTURA may transmit personal data to subcontractors that will treat the data according to the purposes defined by PORVENTURA and always on submission to the guarantees that obey to technical and organizational security measures, so that the treatment in question comply with the requirements of the personal data protection legislation. 

Exercise of rights 

The holder of personal data can, at any time, exercise the rights arising from the legislation in force, such as the right of access, rectification and update of its personal data, the right to object to the processing, portability and oblivion, since the exercise of these rights is not incompatible with the fulfilment of the purposes stated and with the legal obligations of maintenance and data retention.  

To exercise such rights, the holder should request, in writing, to PORVENTURA, through official contacts published in PORVENTURA’s website or to the following electronic address:  

The holder of personal data also has the right, if it wishes, to present a complaint to the Data Protection National Commission (CNPD), as Control Authority, using this Entity’s provided contacts for this purpose. 

Security measures  

In order to ensure the protection of the rights and freedoms of the holders of personal data, in particular at the level of data treatment, PORVENTURA adopts and develops technical measures for the appropriate organizational compliance with the requirements of RGPD. These measures ensure, to the maximum extent possible, the security and the integrity of the data, in particular in relation to unauthorized or illicit treatment and to its loss, destruction or accidental damage.  

Automated decisions  

PORVENTURA  not adopts automated decisions based on the processing of personal data. 

Policy of "cookies"  

"Cookies" are small files or data packets exchanged between the website and the browser (browser). The website PORVENTURA can use several types of cookies: 

Session cookies: these are temporary   that aren’t stored on the computer after you leave the website and are used to analyze traffic patterns, allowing us to improve the website’s content and user-friendliness. 

Analytical Cookies: are used anonymously for statistical purposes, being treated by PORVENTURA or by third parties, with the purpose of analyzing navigation patterns on the website, and improve the supply of goods or services. 

Functional Cookies: are used to save the user’s preferences while using the website. 

Publicity Cookies: are used to direct the publicity according to the user’s interests, measuring its efficiency, avoiding exhibiting commercials repeatedly, etc. 

Location Cookies: are used to identify the country or region where the user accedes the website to supply specific information about that place. 

You can obtain more information about cookies, including finding out which cookies are set in your device and how to manage and eliminate them, using different types of browsers, in: