The summary presented below should not dismiss the reading of the "Terms and Conditions" on our website.



This price list replaces all previously published price lists.

In Portugal, the transport costs are included in the prices only for the regions of Lisbon and Oporto.

If the place of delivery is on an island, a remote site or has limited access, a prior contact will be required before processing the order to obtain the shipping price.

The production time of the PORVENTURA products is 4 to 12 (four to twelve) weeks, counted from the date of order. Changes or cancellation of an order will be possible until 2 (two) days after the order’s date. In the case of changes, a new delivery time may have to be allocated.

Normal delivery to the unloading site takes place only on weekdays between 8 and 18 hours. Any special delivery needs are subject to overcharges.


In the event of a complaint, please contact the sales support - The complaint lodged in the physical or digital complaint book, or addressed to, due to a failure resulting from the design, execution or assembly made by PORVENTURA, or by shipping incidents, must be made within 14 (fourteen) days after the date of delivery, and requires prior written acceptance regarding the submission of the product to an expertise performed by PORVENTURA. After verifying the failure attributed to the supply, the Buyer shall inform PORVENTURA, indicating the reference of the product, as well as the details necessary for a quick evaluation of the defect, accompanied by photographs or videos.

Once informed, PORVENTURA shall confirm receipt of the complaint to the Buyer, within 24 (twenty-four) hours, and promote the correction of the failure, with the greatest diligence.

In case of return, the product must be returned in its original packaging or, if it no longer exists, in packaging similar to that of its receipt.

The return of the product will not be accepted if it shows signs that it has already been used or is defective. The Buyer is responsible for the arrival of the product in the same conditions as it was received.

The return of the product and the direct costs of the return are the responsibility of the Buyer. The return must be made to the following address: Rua do Fojo Velho, 195, 4585-425 Rebordosa, Portugal.


PORVENTURA offers a two-year warranty for the catalog products against defects in material and workmanship.

It is not entirely possible to prevent many wood or skin finishes, variations in color, grains, tint or features, which are part of their natural beauty, and can lead to fading, stretching, shrinkage or other changes due to weather conditions and sun exposure, including heat, light and humidity, in the surrounding environment. We ask for special attention, in particular, in the use of products with lacquered finish.


PORVENTURA accepts requests for the development of new products, provided with a specific budget. In these situations, an initial payment of 75% of the quoted amount will be required. The remaining 25% will have to be paid before the shipment of the product.


We reserve the right to change the construction and design of the products without notice. As all products are also produced manually, small differences may occur as to the dimensions indicated.